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Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Video JR Mayer Collections®: Coins and Medallions - QNET

Coin and Medallion Numismatic Collection

JR Mayer Collections® is internationally recognised as one of the world’s numismatic companies that has rapidly become a reputable brand of coins and medallions. Its exclusive collection of limited-mintage coins and medallions are attributed to a blend between extensive research and development, advanced minting technology, and the legendary skills of its Mint Masters.

The philosophy behind JR Mayer Collections® is to provide high-quality products that meet the versatile needs of its clients. While keeping a strong relationship with its worldwide customers and clients who will come back time and time again, JR Mayer Collections® also has partnerships with national banks, international reputed organisations, and reputable mints worldwide to maintain the value that collectors receive from its products.

Coin collecting, due to the coins’ value, started with the beginning of coinage, later developing as pieces of art. With meaningful themes that enhance their value, all JR Mayer Collections® limited-edition masterpieces commemorate landmark historical events, iconic figures, architectural monuments, and the religions of the world with outstanding value as magnificent works of art and true collector’s items.

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Qnet business opportunities. Product:
- Energy:
* Bio Disc
* Himalayan Crystal Collection
* Veloci - Ti
- Nutrition
- Jewellery
- Wrist watches

- Coin and medallion

- QVI Club Vacation holiday - holiday package
- In - Voice telecommunications
- Personal care
- Home care

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- register join online business
- online shopping

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Qnet global business opportunities worldwide because :
- everyone in worldwide can join the online business worldwide
- Payment with credit card
- product delivered directly by the company to an address anywhere in the world (worldwide)

Info of bio disc :

Video testimony of biodisc :

Video jewellery and wrist watch :

Himalayan Crystal Collection :

Video veloci-ti :

Video QVI club vacation holiday :

Video personal care :

Video In-Voice telecommunication :

Coin and medalion :

Compensation Plan :

info please call Frengkie +628158861516.
Further info, you can email or chat Yahoo Messenger

Compensation Plan QNET Business Opportunity Worldwide

Network marketing. Build 2 group only ( Left group and Right group ). UNLIMITED DEPTH.

Duplication : Everyone refer 2 person to join business.

You refer A ( Left group ) and B ( Right group )
In Left group : A refer C and D ( 3 transaction )
In Right group : B refer E and F ( 3 transaction )
3 transaction In Left group and 3 transaction In Right group You get income US$ 250
( 1 transaction is US$ 41,7 )

Duplication : Everyone refer 2 person to join business.
6 transaction In Left group and 6 transaction In Right group You get income US$ 500

11 transaction In Left group and 12 transaction In Right group You get income US$ 750.

Balances 2 transaction In Left group and 3 transaction In Right group carry forward to next week..

Projection Income :

Period......Amount of Partner
... 5...................32



Your potential income :

8.190 x US$ 41.7 = US$ 341,523

No Maintenance fee / month.

Annual Renewal Fee US$ 10 / year

An Opportunity To Succeed

QNet offers an opportunity in business. An opportunity - if you are willing, able and dedicated - to succeed in business.
Your business. To truly achieve financial freedom for yourself and by yourself.

QNet has spent the past ten years offering this business opportunity of selling exclusive, high-quality, life-enhancing products to more than two and a half million people throughout the world. Through our established platform committed to developing a successful business, there is no need for investment in inventory, expensive office space, or shop fronts. You have employees, but you do not pay their salaries. We pay them to work for you, by means of commissions as compensation.

As with any opportunity, success is gauged by what you do with the opportunity. This opportunity is not for those looking for an easy way out and it is not a 'get rich quick scheme'. Like those who have already achieved success with QNet, you have to work hard, think smart, stay committed, be prepared for initial failures and be dedicated to closely following our System4Success. If you truly want to reach the pinnacle of success, we will support you with all you need to become successful.

We will equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in your business, from the initial steps until you achieve your financial goals. A real benefit to network marketing is that it is the type of business that you can truly mould to your existing lifestyle and habits, while also having the very obtainable potential of the business becoming your sole work commitment, allowing you to be your own boss, resign from a job you do not enjoy, and truly reach financial freedom on your own terms.

"I started out with QNet on a part-time basis with the goal of making as much income as I was making in my full-time job. After one year, I can say that I was able to build my business and develop my income so that it was equal to my full-time job."
Khadeja Al Walid, United Arab Emirates

We are not new to this. In fact, after ten years, QNet is one of the most successful network marketing companies in the world. We attract quality, inspirational and ethical Independent Representatives (IR), whom we steadfastly support in building their successful, legitimate businesses.

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Through stringent quality control and working with only the best in each field, QNet offers a wide range of lifestyle products which have already proven their appeal to people the world over. From collectible coins, jewellery and watches, to holidays and innovative wellness products, QNet has worked hard to ensure it offers premium, exclusively available brands. As an IR, you have the option to specialise in either a single product line or dabble in all of them. Understanding a product is essential to being able to successfully sell and promote it – and in turn instil belief in others – and so we conduct regular, intensive and valuable product training programmes around the world, with experts on hand to answer any of your questions, making sure you fully understand all the products you are promoting.

QuestNet Products